This page will be dedicated to Natural and Clean Water, Natural Supplements, Skincare, Rest and Relaxation, and much more. 

I have been using these products for the last 22 years, and not really pushed this as a business. But this is a bit selfish, really! I should share this with everybody. 

While I was on one of my trips 2021, I got a very flattering comment about my complexion, 😊. Considering my age of 60-something, it was quite nice to hear. 

I use the skin care products from Nikken, and have done so since I first signed up with them. But beauty comes from the inside too, and the main nutritional support I take and have since they came on the market are : 

Organic Jade Green Zymes, Lactoferrin (support for the immune system) and Kenzen BDZ (bone health) 

Water is important, we use the PiMag Waterfall, which does not only clean the water, it also restores the natural minerals you would find in natural water. At home we use it for cooking as well as for drinking. 

Sleep, well here I got a story for you. I used to sleep 12 hours per night, and still wake up tired. That is not a good sleep! Having had an amazing experience watching one of my patients I was nursing at the time, a young boy brain damaged after getting hit by a thunderstorm flash, with no possibility to fake any effects from sleeping on a magnetic mattress and having a Far Infra Red duvet over him. No chance! But it was glaringly obvious that his body responded , from having been stiff as a board to relaxation. From having a problem with temperature regulation, cold feet and hands, but extreme perspiration on rest of the body - to warm feet and hands and dry and not overheated body. It kind of got my attention! I purchased my own Nikken sleep system, and during the first couple of months I noticed a lot of changes going on with my sleep pattern. First I was dreaming a lot, and secondly i noticed I reduced the number of sleeping hours. 8 hours sleep and not being tired  is the norm now. NB! It has not made me to an early riser, I am an evening person! 

Being on my feet all day long, the magnetic Insoles are a blessing. i used to suffer from a drop in energy midday, and walking 5 meters could be a huge effort. Another positive effect I noticed; being a rider, in the wintertime the toes got really cold and stiff when riding…None of these two little inconveniences do not happen at all now. 

All in all, it ads up to healthy support for body and mind, on all levels. 

To register as a customer, you will need a Wellness Consultant’s Id number, in this case mine: 38337601

And of course, if you have questions, contact me! 


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