Birgitta Bergsten
BALANCE registered Saddle Consultant

If your horse could jump that little bit higher, have a longer stride, move with a freer shoulder, become lighter and more fun to ride, would you not want to know more? I did, which is how I became involved with Balance.

I met Carol Brett, one of the co-founders of the BALANCE organisation, in 1992. I’d been experiencing “issues” with my TB mare that I believed were rider/horse problems.  Carol gave me an insight into the importance of saddle design and correct fitting, and the way both these factors directly affect a horse’s performance.

The introduction changed my life. After stages of disbelief, astonishment, despair, and finally conviction, I decided there was only one way forward: I had to learn more about the BALANCE methods, change the way I was using my saddles and also change the saddles themselves.

It was thus I discovered I was able to ride and train my horses in the way my mentor, Petrus Kastenman  (Swedish, Individual Olympic Gold 3DE 1956) taught me: with the lightness, forwardness, straightness, suppleness and elegance that make us all happy!

My journey with the BALANCE Saddling System had begun and working with the saddle and pad system over the next year was a real education.

It is BALANCE policy only to train people as Saddle Consultants who have themselves had hands-on experience as an owner and user of the saddles. And when Carol asked me if I wished to become a Consultant, I was in no doubt.

I had originally moved to the UK to be able to event, but I felt so strongly about BALANCE that I decided to put my competition career on hold and devote the next two years to training.

I subsequently set up my own business as a Saddle Consultant in 1997. I currently travel extensively around Europe for consultations.