Summer is here, but I am still available for consultations, workshops and also long distance work = long distance saddling consultations, saddling checks or coaching  you and your horse through the Equine Postural Program. 

I have some people looking to get groups together for Saddling Clinics in these areas: 



Holland - I have a new apprentice in northern Holland, she is going to get her practical training with me this summer, so get in touch and take the advantage to find out if your horse can benefit from a different approach to saddling. 

For Helene’s training….We will need as many of you as possible, to help me to help her so that she can help more people and their horses in the future.  🥰🥰🥰


Île-de-France, east of Paris

You can get in touch with me, , and I will put you in touch with the relevant organiser. 

South West of Germany, Belgium and Switzerland 

- just get in touch with me, there are individual clients waiting for me to get enough appointments to make trips possible, so keep it coming. 


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