My role as a Saddle Consultant is to ensure YOU as a horse owner or rider have enough basic knowledge of equine structure and bio dynamics to make educated choices about desirable saddle design and “fit”. I provide clients with the opportunity to ride in all the different saddles in the BALANCE range, and thereby gain an understanding of the system.

During individual consultations, I also examine the horse’s existing saddle to see if any improvements can be made to the way it interacts with the horse; these may only be temporary measures while a better long-term solution is arranged.  

My Saddling for Performance Clinics begin with an hour-long introduction to the theory and concepts underpinning the BALANCE Saddling system. This is followed by individual consultations. I encourage all participants at a Clinic to be interactive and to observe other people’s horses as well as their own, providing of course every one is comfortable with this. Each horse and rider combination has its own story to tell, from which we can all learn.

There is no “hard sell” technique involved in a BALANCE Saddle consultation: the results speak for themselves. Sometimes, a rider simply needs reassurance that their existing saddle is adequate for the horse’s needs.  One of the best ways to determine this is to try out other saddles by way of a comparison.

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